GEAR : New West Knife Works - Fusionwood 2.0 Chef's Knife

From the plows we used to put grain in the silo to the knives we used to prepare our food for the table, I was raised with a great reverence for the implements that make life livable. We bought the best we could afford, and cared for them as if our livelihood depended upon it…and it often did.

A few months ago I decided my life was settled enough to start investing in a proper set of kitchen knives. I did some research and asked around and found New West Knife Works out of Jackson, Wyoming. I made a phone call, and a week later a small box was waiting for me on my doorstep. 

The knife arrived encased in a blade-length leather sheath. I pulled it from the sheath and felt the heft, the handle, and the balance. It was perfect in my hand, and it was beautiful. For me, the best way to test a knife is to cut up an onion...the French way, of which it did with aplomb. 

Here’s a good demonstration from Jamie Oliver. (Cutting Onion) 

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